Importance of Tourism in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

21 Sep

Myanmar is not a common country name to many people. Some may not even be aware that it is actually an existing country. Previously called Burma, Myanmar is a country in southern Asia with a close proximity to Bangladesh to its west, china on its north, Thailand to its east; most of the southern part is covered by sea which forms an extensive coastline to the south of the country. Though the country is not very common, it is endowed with unique tourist attractions comprised of magnificent landscapes, beautiful people and culture and several ancient temples.

Some of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Myanmar include Yangon temple, Began historic site, and Mawlamyine prehistoric site. The country has a population of over 50 million people hence a rich culture with unique cuisines, songs and dances, and various things which make the country people out. The beaches are also an important point of reference when talking about tourism in the country. Tourism has helped the county in very many ways;

Tourism has opened up the country to the outside world hence made the country to be known. The increase in publicity of the country has attracted various investors both local and international who come to invest in various sectors of their economy thereby strengthening the economy of the country. Get myanmar tour packages here!

The ever-growing tourism sector in Myanmar has led to creation of numerous employment opportunities which have absorbed many locals. This increased employment rate has led to better lively hoods of the people of Myanmar. More people being employed formally translate to reduced social vices like crime and prostitution; this is the same case in Myanmar.

Since cultural tourism is important in the region; tourism has led to the preservation of the countries' cultural heritage. The country has invested in protecting the culture thereby ensuring continuity of the initial lifestyles of the people- this, in turn, ensures the continuity of tourism.

In its quest to make tourism better and better, the government of Myanmar has built several social amenities to support tourism. These social amenities like hospitals serve the local people of Myanmar also. The government has also developed several roads in a bid to make the tourist destinations accessible. The roads are of advantage to the locals in doing their daily activities. The electric power penetration has also been improved with tourism in mind, but the local people have benefitted more from it. Book yangon tours today!

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